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Lemon Laundry CF

Lemon Laundry CF

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Top notes of lemon, followed by ylang ylang and green leaves leading to a heart of lily, rose, iris and mimosa. Resting on a base of sandalwood and dry flowers.

The perfect way to freshen up your carpets, leaving a long lasting fragrance.

A shaker pot, containing approximately 300g of carpet freshener.

How To Use: -Lightly sprinkle some powder onto your carpet. -Leave it to sit on your carpets for up to 20 minutes. -Vacuum up the powder and enjoy the long lasting fragrance. Warning: -Keep away from children and pets. If accidental consumption occours, seek medical advise. -We reccomed a patch test before applying to the whole carpet. -Clean your hover filters after each use to prevent any blockages.

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