Open Box

What is an open box?

An open box is a way of placing multiple orders, but only paying postage once.

*Please note, you will recieve a shipped email once you've opened/added to your box. But your order will not be posted until you close your box. 

You will place your first order with the open box delivery option. This means we will pack your order, but it will not be posted. You can then continue to place multiple orders, adding to your box. Once you would like you items posted, you will selected the close open box postage option and pay postage. All your orders will be sent together.

All open boxes have a weight limit of 2kg. Once you are getting close to this limit, you will receive and email, stating how much is left and advising you to close your box on your next order.

All orders are sent via Royal Mail and are dispatched within 5 working days. Custom orders will have a longer dispatch time of up to 8 working days.